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Un-interrupted power supply with 100% power backup for Outsourcing Services.

Predictive Dialer

Dialer to support both inbound (Customer Support, Customer service, up-selling, cross selling) & outbound (Telemarketing, Advisory service, Survey, Lead Generation) services. The dialer performs ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and predictive dialing which connects only human calls. The dialer has features such as 100% voice logging, verification, Supervisory functions, Tele. Monitor, Remote monitor, Online / offline reports, for BPO Services

Voice Connectivity

Voice connectivity with full redundancy. Voice connectivity enabled to connect US, UK, Australia and most of the European countries.

Data Connectivity

14 MBPS redundant connectivity from 2 different Internet Service Providers.

Data Storage Devices

High volume data storage devices for back up, recovery and security purposes.

Customized CRM

Dialer integrated CRM system, which is fully customizable depending on the business outsource project.


Interactive Voice Response system to collect confidential data such as banking, credit card, social security no. etc. This facility is making our operation fool proof.


Direct Inward Dialing Local Toll free no. is provided for all our BPO services for call backs and customer queries.